About us - Customer-oriented and quality-conscious

We at Ayumeda are a small, dedicated team that has grown over many years and has a long experience in dealing with Ayurvedic herbs and Ayurvedic natural cosmetics. It is close to our hearts to pass this experience on for the benefit of all.

Ayurveda means translated: The knowledge of life. This ancient knowledge helps us to live in harmony with nature and to optimize our quality of life on all levels. A balanced diet is of fundamental importance for our well-being. Ayurvedic herbs can be a valuable food supplement. 

We have made it our business to get the best out of the herbs and to make them available in the form of high-quality nutritional supplements in organic quality. Our recipes were developed by renowned Ayurveda experts and contain all the power of Ayurvedic plants in the highest concentration. All herbs come from certified organic cultivation areas without genetic engineering and are traded fairly. Also during the production in Germany we pay attention to highest quality and do without unnecessary additives.

Respect for people and nature is the basis of our actions. We seek proximity to our customers, maintain trustful contacts with our long-standing suppliers and attach importance to transparent communication at eye level. In everything we do, we take great care to be able to offer our customers the best possible quality.